I have a few meals that i really have to consider trying to make.

One group are potato based food. I hate potatoes. I mean, i like it when it’s ready and cooked, fried or whatever. But to clean it, cut it, cook it, now that’s out of my league. I simply don’t have neither the patience nor the skin to clean and prepare them.

The other is pancakes. It’s just a nightmare. I don’t know if it’s some japanese specialty or whatever, but the flour here turns into nice small balls upon contact with any liquid (in this case milk and egg), and the inside of the balls is dry flour. And it’s really difficult to destroy them permanently, occasionally resulting in raw flour bubbles in the ready pancake. Also, it gets messy very quickly. And it’s easy to burn. And i have the bad habit to eat more of it than i should.

Thus, qualifications for any wife candidate: be able to make fried potatoes and pancakes.