Just finished my pack of Starbucks Tanzania, and i have an overall positive opinion of it. It’s a medium body African coffee. The freshly ground coffee has a very organic aroma, with hints of that citric freshness that’s mentioned on the packaging. However later on it’s hardly recognizable. It has something lighter coloured in it as well, i don’t know if that’s something non-coffee in the blend, or just light coloured coffee beans. Also, the steam of the freshly brewed Tanzania coffee doesn’t really have any distinguishable flavours to it, it’s just coffee, but a nice one of that.

The coffee itself tastes fresh, just as the freshly ground beans mentioned above. On the other hand, i couldn’t really find that berry flavour described as the most dominant on the packaging. But because of that nice fresh taste it’s perfect for a light summer coffee, as it doesn’t feel all that hot as one would expect from a cup of hot coffee.

Also, Tanzania is limited edition, but i’ve no idea until when it’s available. It sure was available back in 2007 once already, but i know nothing more about it. Out.