Now in the evening i’m tired, and just as a baby cries and stuff when he’s sleepy, so i get very easy to get pissed off. And i’ve been listening to Nirvana all afternoon because my files were mistagged and i’ve to get back the play count on What i concluded is really simple: emos, you’re doing it wrong.

So many of emos claim that their way of thinking is originated from Kurt Cobain and the grungy lyrics of Nirvana. It’s not. Emo kids were screwed up way before they first heard and could appreciate the greatness of Nirvana. They were mentally damaged by the constant flow of those hideous fantastic sad love songs from the radios in the ’90’s (and any other time as well, but seems Chernobil had its effects worldwide). I heard it too, but i rather had fun listening to kid tapes by the Smurfs.

Kurt Cobain and his pals in Nirvana wrote great songs. The Nevermind album only, not counting all of their other songs (even though i’d feel bad if i didn’t mention Lake of Fire in a post related to Nirvana) is worth more than the whole dozen-disc discographies of other artists. The songs might be depressing for some, not for me though, but still, cutting yourself and looking gay is not the way to express your dissatisfaction and/or sadness. When Kurt Cobain went sad panda, he wrote In Utero, but when that didn’t work, he just put a shotgun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. (Disclaimer: i didn’t check what kind of weapon it was or where he was shot, nor do i consider the possibility of Courtney Love or anyone killing him now.) I do suggest that instead of showing off with your scars on your wrists try following that example. (Disclaimer: i do not encourage suicide or suicide attempts or damaging oneself, also any similarity between this post and reality is purely coincidental.)