Plans are, i’m going to Okinawa (main island) for a week or so in the end of august (0825~0901). If anyone wants to tag along, hurry up because the plane tickets are selling out faster than StarCraft 2 (which i’ll be getting in a matter of days, because due to the exams i couldn’t play for a week now anyway).

Also, just a few days after that, i’m planning to go China, mostly Shanghai. I don’t know if i’ll be able to go to Beijing as well, i hope so. It’ll be decided in a few days anyway… Again, i’m looking for people who want to come along, naturally any chinese language knowledge would be greatly appreciated as i speak totally and absolutely no chinese, though i might be able to figure out the very rough meaning of the half of a written text.

These are my summer plans, for most of it. Maybe also Tokyo for one or two days, so i could buy myself some cheap cheese and meet “old friends”. Also there will be a club trip to somewhere in late september and i’ll be going home for christmas, and also to the school ski trip sometime in february, but that’s still far, far away.