Last night we went out to have fun on the beach, then after we came back we just talked and drank for a while. I wasn’t as fresh in the morning as i would’ve wanted…

Nevertheless i got my student id copied and sent to the travel company for the chinese ferry ticket. Of which, even this way, it’ll take days to get just a confirmation of, and i’m not exactly jolly about that, because my schedule for getting the visa will get a bit too tight.

After that i went for my usual round in the gym and the running tracks, in the hottest blaze of the Sun it was totally refreshing. I thought i’ll just collapse, but luckily that didn’t happen.

Just had time for a quick lunch and i had to go back for band practice, which took pretty much twice as long as i’d have thought, but at least it was fun. Then we had a band dinner and since then i’m just fighting my urge to sleep.

Oh, and translated this week’s Xros Wars episode as well. And almost tore my shorts.