Not really separated from day one, but since unlike me the world around started a new day, i count it as such as well. I looked for a place to stay as i realised that i seriously needed some sleep. Not much luck. Using my phone’s net i managed to find a relatively cheap place hidden somewhere in the labyrinths of the tiny alleys of Naha, and i was looking at a streetmap at a crossing when a helpful japanese asked if he could help. He could.

I made it to the place, but it was like five in the morning, so of course i couldn’t check in.

Instead i went on the beach, and lay down there on the sun. For a few minutes sometimes it rained, but for most of the time it was full power Okinawa sunshine. So of course by the evening i was burnt red, tho in the worst hours (from 1 to 4 pm) i was in shade. But i didn’t mind… I swam in the “sea”, however strange that beach looked. Then in the evening i packed up my stuff and went to look for a place to stay.

Right at the beach there was a newly opened guesthouse, quite cheap, but although all the signs said it opened that very day with special discounts, actually it wasn’t open. But walking around the streets i found my salvation: BASE Okinawa. It’s a guesthouse, of the better type. I won’t go into much detail about it, because it’s even recommended by the lonely planet guidebooks, so i guess i was lucky they had a bed for me that night. In the evening i went to eat something (the girl at the place was very happy that i mistook her for japanese when she was actually chinese–i wouldn’t have realised if she didn’t have problems with okinawan dialect words) then had a nice chat with the other people at the guesthouse. Beer was cheap (150 yen a can) and one of the guys had a huge bottle of awamori. Nice.