I’m trying to find a certain computer game. I hardly remember anything about it, so it’s not easy. I got it ages ago with a computer mag, but it seems to have been just a demo—and in the heap of almost eight years’ worth of a collection, i can’t just look through them all without any clue as to what i’m looking for…

It’s a RTS, and it’s not new. I’d say it’s been at least four or five years, if not more. Its menu is dark blue color. What i remember of the gameplay is that you have insane long range artillery, which shoot pretty much vertically up, then after a long while the projectiles fall down roughly where you originally aimed. Also the camera can be rotated totally freely, so you can actually see those projectiles’ path in the sky. In the sky, where a huge planet or moon is visible most of the time, and is very well designed.

Any ideas what it could be?

Edit 2021/11/9

Thanks to helpful people on Twitter and Discord, I now know the game in question was Ground Control II: Operation Exodus. Thanks!