My days are a series where the variable indicating my free time is a random number for each day between 0.1n and 0.5n where n is one hour. Not that i mind being busy with something all the time, just it’d be nice to finally be able to sit down and write a decent blogpost about something else than being busy too, maybe even before 2 in the night, or by any chance (God forgive my impudence) both… (Not happening.)

Today i woke half an hour earlier, because we had a short practice before the first period. At least, we would’ve had one, if our drummer hadn’t overslept. Nevertheless me and the guitarist played Anarchy a few times and then classes…

As soon as i got home (4 pm) i fixed the translations of the new opening and ending songs of Bleach and published ep 292.

Then i started practicing, first anarchy, then played around with the Red Hot songs… Ended up trying the guitar of Snow, but i need more practice to get the speed. Then i headed over to the Oasis songs (Don’t look back in anger and Roll with it) and got braindead. They are pretty much the same: same sounds, same progression, just a (not all that) different rhythm. Yet there are those tiny changes that i always miss. Annoying.

Then i realised i didn’t do the Xros Wars 13 translation yet, so i grabbed the raw‘s ass and translated it. Epic cliffhanger, can’t wait for the next episode.

Or to go to bed already.