I started watching Universe right after i finished Atlantis, but it’s way too different. Not that i’d drop it, that would take a bit more. But even fifteen or so years ago, when Neon Genesis Evangelion was made, it was common sense that if you made a series with lots of mental problems and depression, you need to counterbalance that every now and then with some kick-ass action or no one will watch it. Apparently the makers of Stargate Universe think otherwise. Onboard the Destiny, everyone sulks, occasionally gets a conscience swap home, and that’s it. Maybe once every fifteen episodes something happens. Where by something i mean something different than the local heavy guy clashing with someone.

It’s boring. Okay the makers wanted to focus much more on character personalities and mental progress, but at the price of any story? Like any at all? You can’t make a story of people locked in a starship without something happening. Not through n+1 seasons where n≥0. If you don’t have any better idea at least let them go off-world for a change. Or make an arbitrary system of the ship brake down so that they can fix it. Make something happen. Okay that the people are going crazy with idleness onboard, but if you go on like this, it’ll drive the watchers crazy too. And that’s no good.