First: no Western Union in Japan. Okay, that’s a bit of over-exaggerating, because it’s available in Japan, just only around Tokyo and Keihanshin (京阪神: Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe), not in the countryside like Hikone. Or Nagoya. This is somewhat surprising considering that in my hometown of less than thirty thousand you can find a WU agent without problem.

Second: oranges are durable. I had three oranges in my fridge for over half a year, and they were still edible, except for one being paper dry. Made my breakfast (i forgot to buy cereal yesterday and didn’t feel like eating sandwiches).

Third: related to the first, a new word: 国際送金サービス. I had to explain somehow what WU was supposed to be to people who never even heard of it.

Fourth: working out for an hour with only two oranges and water in your stomach is fun.

Thanks for your attention.