I wish. Yesterday after the last class we had to move a lot of stuff for today’s university festival live, so i was dead tired already when i got home. But i still had to do the quality check for this week’s Shippuuden, so it was almost two am by the time i got to bed. And i had to wake up way earlier than i would’ve wanted to (though later than i was supposed to), because of the aforementioned live performance. Where actually i’m not even performing (neither are most of the other first-years)… And tomorrow it continues. From morning till dusk, then we have to pack everything back, and then we’ll go partying japanese style, which stands for eating and drinking as much as we can. Mostly the former, though, considering i don’t think they could handle me if i got wasted.

But before that all, even though i’m (as expected) dead tired, i still have to do a Bleach quality check as well. And considering the circumstances, it will take a while and not to mention piss me off.