Lately i’ve been doing a lot of coding, naturally on the blog engine. If all goes well, i hope to get it finished this month, now that i’m really getting the hang of it. True, even if the engine will be complete, migrating all the posts so far will take another nice while considering it has to be done manually. Before anyone cries out, it’s intentional: the categories as they are now will be gone, replaced by more content-oriented tagging. Also, for japanese posts the url-safe conversion of the title has to be done by hand as well, since it’s pretty much impossible to expect a computer to be able to figure out the correct reading for an arbitrary japanese phrase. Not to mention i like to make my own words every now and then.

For example, lately i have to write the kanji 定 quite a lot, and i started writing it in a more… flowing way (rough representation).

Also, ever since it’s been getting colder, my hands were drying just like leaves. I was sure that it’s about the humidity, because in the summer my skin was all right, but i didn’t really test it. Then, today after the preparations for tomorrow’s university festival, we went to eat dinner together and five minutes after we entered the place my fingers weren’t dry anymore. So as soon as i got home i put a liter of water on to boil, and it works. Hell yeah.

Still a Shippuuden qc to go for today.