When i was playing around making various designs (votes still appreciated), there was one problem i had to face in every single one: how to make japanese fonts readable. If i set a global font size (even if it’s in ems), either the latin font will appear huge, or the kanji in the japanese one will be so small no one could read it conveniently.

I tried all i could think of, even the new css3 font-size-adjust property, but that couldn’t help either. The only thing that worked was giving a separate class for posts tagged with “日本語”, but that doesn’t solve the problem of japanese text embedded in mostly latin lettered posts, like the one just now. Not to mention, it’s an ugly hack.

I even considered editing the font file i want to use (Epson 教科書体) so that its default font size would be somewhat bigger, but i guess that was a futile attempt (ended up temporarily removing all my 1400-something fonts from the system).

I’d really appreciate any ideas how to do this.