After a long time i went to watch a movie in cinema again. The long awaited seventh (but not final) Harry Potter movie was most definitely not bad, but i don’t know how good it was.

Good points were the fact that it’s based on a book i couldn’t put down for weeks, reading and rereading and rereading it again, bawwing and fffuuing at given places every time. The book was great, for most of it. Also, the movie was fast enough, so even though it spanned over two hours, it wasn’t boring. And of course it’s a high budget Hollywood movie, so the quality itself (graphics, effects and such) was great as well.

But. When i say the movie was fast, the bad thing is that it was fast where it shouldn’t have been. The first epic battle in the sky was over in what felt like half a minute, and we couldn’t see nothing of it. (But at least they made a hero out of Hedwig instead of a victim.) Brooms flashing across the screen, way too fast to get what’s going on even if you actually know what’s going on. Also, what’s with Godric’s Hollow? Where’s the memorial? Where’s Voldemort? And most of all, where’s the painting of Phineas Nigellus?

Also, the music was nothing. The first Harry Potter movie had an amazing soundtrack, the only movie soundtrack beside Juno that i’d listen to in itself. It was great. Now this soundtrack is nothing.

And there’s what so many people complain about: the nonsense dance scene in the tent. What the heck? I can’t recall anything like that from the book, i can’t get what was the point of it at all, and it made me facepalm for minutes.

Although i’m complaining this much, the movie was actually good, and if you read the book, you can consider it entertaining. I don’t know how much people who didn’t read the book (are there any?) would get of it though. Worth a try for sure.