Yesterday coming home from the station i realized that from now on i’ll have to practice the Slipknot songs like hell. And then i realized something else as well. Deadline for bands to sign up is next tuesday, and the audition is the 14th. That’s where i got suspicious–don’t tell me the live would be when i’ll be at home.

But of course it is. I’m soo totally fucked screwed… I don’t even have an idea how much i’ll have to apologize for this. I’ve got the first mail back from the others and sure it starts nice “well there’s no helping that” but then goes into insane rage mode blaming me for not paying attention when the date was announced (i would bet a finger it was not) nor did i ask about it earlier, going as far as to suggest that i did it on intention.

I guess no helping this.

Thanks for your kind understanding in case you wanted to say something that starts with “haha you’re…”