I felt like i have to write this down: the best anime in the season is definitely Panty and Stocking, being on a level of awesomeness comparable only to FLCL. The most fabulous anime is obviously Star Driver. The best drawing award is either for Ore no Imoto or Star Driver. The best opening song is Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai, that’s simply great—but the overall best soundtrack is Panty and Stocking. The cutest moeblob is everyone’s beloved Squid Girl でげそ. The best seriously serious anime is Shiki, which also has a good chance of winning the best story award (there’s not much competition in that area though, maybe only Digimon Xros Wars and (who knows?) Star Driver could stand a chance). Best kids’ anime is without question Xros Wars.

Disagree? Feel free to. Suggest other anime as well if you wish.