It’s time that i started preparing for my “little trip” this weekend. I’ll need to clean my room, destroy all that’s left in the fridge that’d rot in three weeks’ time, and pack my stuff.

Luckily many of my classes are off this week, for example i don’t have my only japanese today, nor will i have one of the english classes tomorrow and my entire thursday afternoon will be free. This is probably totally unrelated to Christmas nearing (considering that some of my friends will be working 10 hour shifts on the Christmas days), but it comes just handy.

My financial problems are still financial problems—to be precise, my credit card is way too close to the limit to be able to support a shinkansen ticket to and a night of partying in Tokyo, but if i did that all with cash, i’d have problems after the credit card balance drains my account. No need to worry tho, it’ll turn out well. It always turns out well.

I’ll also have to figure out what to do with my laptop. I guess i’ll bring it back home, but i don’t know if i should leave it there, or bring it back with me… Considering that i’m not using it at all since i built my desktop computer, i wonder.