Those guatemalans know something.

Finca el Faro is also a limited edition coffee produced on one certain farm in Guatemala for Starbucks (though it’s strange i can’t find anything about it on their or any related website), but in general it’s a different sensation than Casi Cielo was.

While making the coffee i tasted a bit of the ground beans, and it reminded me of two things at the same time: nuts and popcorn. The aroma of the fresh brew is first of all lively and fresh. It’s like an autumn campfire, not all so soft but an overall warm feeling. Also a touch of cocoa.

With just a bit of sourness (most of which comes back after finishing the coffee) and a really nice, soft and full, i would even say buttery if i dared to. Its sweetness is really well counterbalanced by the boldness, so it matches my preferences (though not as much as Casi Cielo). This coffee also leaves a cover of pure coffee taste on the tongue, so its taste lingers around for a long time.