I think i am, seeing how slow i am to boot up after i wake up. First, i hardly ever react correctly to wake up signals, which means that even if i acknowledge the signal, i hardly get to boot up. And even when hours after the last signal i boot up, getting the system to an usable speed takes ages. Usually at least an hour, sometimes even more. By that time i usually feel like i need a quick virus check and defragmenting, which takes another roughly two hours. By that time the hardly achieved speed runs out as the swapfile somehow drops in size. When i manage to get it back normally, it starts to feel like i need a reboot, but i can usually handle that and get to work just how i want. And once i start, it’s not easy to stop, resulting in late night overloads, because of which i need some time offline, usually more than how much the wake up signals would allow.

Vicious circle.