I hate it how the US tries and so far could control the internet. I wonder how many crazy laws they have to make to protect the record and movie industry lobby that would make Google offshore itself to some tiny island country where it alone would produce three times the GDP before.

It’s damn annoying that whenever i register on a phpbb forum i have to confirm i’m over 13 years old, because some american law requires that. How do i care?

Anyway, just now i was reading an Ars article on how copyright holders still cry for more tools to censor the internet. On the one hand it’s scary, because as the article points out, the law will most probably be passed, and i’d bet a substantial amount of money on that it won’t be as narrow-tailored as sen. Franken wishes, no, it’ll be as wide as the pet RIAA’s owners will want it. That would suck, because although they would get their beloved protection from pirating, but it’d cripple the net and not just the american part of it.

If it passes as they want it, i can foresee a mass of trolls heading out to politicians’ blogs, flooding them with links to russian warez sites. I wonder what they’d do then.