Today was the first day of rehearsals for the weekend live. Instead of rehearsals it’s more like just getting the sound and stuff right, but nevertheless, it’s “rehearsals”. I didn’t know exactly what time it starts so i showed up there like twenty minutes before 10 am (at which time on better days i’d still be snoring, if i were snoring at all). I was shaking of the cold, but i attributed that to the fact that i woke up much earlier than usual so my blood pressure is low. Luckily (?) i met with third year guy who told me we only need to be there an hour later. Which time i spent trying to wake myself up, with less success than more.

That time we packed all the amps and every other stuff too into a van and walked to the place of the rehearsals, some event hall in a part of town where i’ve only been once if at all. The building is a piece of modern architecture of the tasteless style, meaning concrete and only concrete, with much glass, but generally very cold. So all day i spent shivering, practicing and listening to the others rehearsing – of course we were sorted last so it was way after 8 pm by the time it was our turn.

What else happened: i had lunch of two onigiri and some Pocky. It snowed. It rained.

Now i guess i should be translating the 30th Xros Wars episode but i hardly have the energy to stay awak-