So, i got my internet connection back up, but however much i’d love to say “all right”, that wouldn’t be true. I have some problems with it. I’ve to note that i didn’t test every possible combination thoroughly.

The problem is: under Ubuntu, some websites time out. They are not related to each other in any way, not geographically nor based on content. Then, some secure websites load without stylesheets and scripts in Chrome, but load all right in Firefox. Some websites load if i proxy through Tor. Also, Filezilla (and gftp too) is unable to transfer files to/from certain ftp hosts – while some other hosts work all right. Again, no geographic or any such relation between the hosts.

The tricky part is, it all works fine on Windows (at least the problems with Chrome and secure websites and ftp transfers do), so i guess it’s some kind of configuration problem, but i tried all i could find and i couldn’t figure what could be causing it.

On Windows (7) i have the default settings with the username and password for the DSL connection (PPoE). On Ubuntu, i also have the default settings, but i tried changing them, because who knows, it might be some cutting edge tech not yet supported by the servers, but to no effect.

Any and all help would be appreciated.