No, i’m not asking you to repeat what you just said on the phone because i don’t understand the words, but because you’re not opening your mouth when it’s a rainstorm going on outside, and i can’t hear anything of what you’re saying. Also, repeating the same phrase shouted in some creepy broken engrish is way worse than saying it again, clear, so that it may be audible at all.

Also, if i mark that i’d like the package delivered from eight to nine pm, there might be a reason for that, and i would not like you to deliver it at other times, considering that i might not be at home, or sleeping, or something ordinary like that. Or if you show up ten minutes early, then at least ring that doorbell, not just call me about that you think they mistyped the address (which by the way they did, good job).

And when i call you back fifteen minutes later (excuse me for taking a nap), which makes it barely a few minutes after eight, don’t go telling me that you’ll be delivering it tomorrow, because i happened to see that your depot is two minutes walking from my place, and though i understand it’s raining cats and dogs out there, it’s still your precious job to deliver that thing to me. And fifty minutes (remember, i marked 8-9 pm) is enough for that.

Thank you.