After feeling a bit disappointed with the first four episodes of the Deadman Wonderland anime, i decided to check whether the manga is any better. It is.

A lot, and i mean a lot darker than the anime so far, hell a lot of crazy grins and madness and blood and gore, though i’m not sure if Ganta is actually a more bearable character there or just in a manga it’s easier to ignore his whining. (I remember the Crow telling him “you still cry too much”. So true.)

And although most of the storyline is quite predictable, the main twist still remains hell of a twist. Problem is, according to what little i could find about the anime, it’ll be just 12 episodes, which is enough for like nothing of the story to be unfolded. Especially considering that 4 of those are already gone… I guess they’ll just leave out the main twist, and stop the story midway.

I’d appreciate it so much more if with manga still in production, especially slow monthly ones (cf, Ao no Exorcist, Yumekui Merry, Deadman Wonderland), they’d wait more before making it into some half-assed anime remake with a well-whatever level of story.