There’s a Neil Gaiman short story titled Changes in the book Smoke and Mirrors. It’s about a pill that lets people change their gender pretty much instantly. It’s such an interesting concept. Guys can switch to girl mode anytime, since we luckily have no periods nor can we get pregnant. But would it be possible for girls to evade their most hated few days of the month by changing into a guy? Or what would happen if a pregnant woman tried to change into male?

I know, it’s fantasy and so on, but just because it’s fantasy it doesn’t mean it’s illogical. Fantasy becomes fantasy from taking an axiom that our everyday world doesn’t have. For example, that someone has invented such a pill. Or that norse gods are still treading this earth. From there it’s all supposed to be perfectly logical.

Well, you could decide that the world is strictly illogical, but let’s say, that would be a bit too much brain-straining for entertainment.