A small change can change a lot. For example, i had no stream for C thursday night, so i couldn’t start translating right away. I started Denpa Onna, and i could only do C after i was done with that. This meant that it was after nine in the morning that i was finished with my work – work that i usually finish before seven. And this way i couldn’t go to sleep, except for a few hours’ nap in the afternoon, which resulted in that i was totally worn out. Then in the night came the usual Hen Zemi shift, which by chance was full of crappy philosophical blogging, so it took ages to translate, and again it was damned late (or early, depending on perspective) by the time i got to bed. So i was again unusable all saturday, i couldn’t get Denpa translated again (yeah, i was stupid enough to pick it up for english to hungarian translation too). Sunday got even busier, with Ano Hana and Deadman Wonderland translations piling up on my drive for edit, not to mention the weekly Xros Wars and Exorcist fun. And now it’s late again, and i still have plenty to do. Stuff i should’ve done on saturday. If i weren’t half-dead then because of friday. And thus back to that C workraw. See, someone should’ve just killed that butterfly, before it swung its wings and created a hurricane in the mid-west.