I bought the first four volumes of the Song of Ice and Fire (you know, the Game of Thrones books) a while ago, and as i just started with the fourth, i checked out Amazon to get the fifth one. I know it’s not published yet, but it’d be nice to get my hands on it as soon as it is (though it might not have the best effects on my grades, released a week before my exams start), so i looked around for a paperback edition to match the other four. I found one, from some third party merchant who didn’t even bother to upload a cover picture and not to mention claims that it will be released a year from now. That wouldn’t be nice for sure, i’ll want to read it as soon as possible, but i’d prefer paperback.

First, the other four are paperback. Also, i like how paperback books show that they are used. They get worn much easier, but when it comes to my bag, so do hardcover books, and hardcover books look much worse when the binding’s edges get worn.

True, hardcover books are indeed stronger and probably last longer. But they don’t show use near as much as paperbacks and feel much less personal because of that. And they are heavier.

Either way, i’ll just get the hardcover anyway if i can’t get the paperback soon.