I checked the 2009 Alice movie, because why not, but after watching it i can tell you why not: it’s bad. Sad but true. It looks cool, but the only characters who had any kind of character to them were the (Mad) Hatter and the Knight, everyone else was either annoying, plain and/or stupid.

The movie’s a Hollywood touch on the Alice in Wonderland theme, set god knows how long after the “Alice of legends” set foot in Wonderland and stirred some trouble. Most characters show up again, but only in name, so even if there’s a Caterpillar, even if there’s a cat with the grin, they don’t play any role and are there just for being there.

The story is dumb, all the running around and trying to do something totally different every ten minutes doesn’t help either. It’s just the C-grade Hollywood stock and of course there’s a kissing scene too, telling the world again that the ideal American girl is a slut.

You shouldn’t watch this movie unless you have your girl (replace as fitting for your sexual preferences) beside you and you wouldn’t be watching the movie anyway.