I guess i read the first three books of the Song of Ice and Fire too quickly. Now i’m at the fourth one, and i don’t feel the urge to continue with it. Most of the book is set in King’s Landing, and let me be honest, i don’t give the slightest fuck about Cersei Lannsiter slowly going mad with power. Neither do i care how Brienne of Tarth is searching for a girl she will never find. And seriously, two or three chapters for Arya and Samwell each? Seriously? The only ones who have some kind of a story going on? (Though the ironman chapters weren’t bad either.)

I don’t even complain about how half of the characters don’t even appear in the book, if there will be Tyrion and Bran and Daenerys chapters i’ll be happy enough. At least with so much dead boring babble set in King’s Landing in the Feast for Crows, there will be less left for the Dance of Dragons. You know, if it has to be about the game of thrones, at least give me more chapters set in Dorne. Or more of Stannis. A game of thrones with one player on scene is hardly a game of thrones at all.

Not to mention that the slowness of the storytelling and the totally pointless page-long descriptions are even harder to suffer when there’s nothing happening anyway.

I’m seriously thinking of fast-forward reading the rest of the book, because otherwise…