After i picked up today’s worth of papers from another class i’ve attended a grand total of one times, i went to deposit some cash to my account. Luckily the five-digit financial aid of my parents arrived today packed along my favorite dark chocolate and some cookies from my gran. I had to put in a few thousand because otherwise my cell provider couldn’t grab this month’s charge. They couldn’t last month, because i had exactly as much money as i claimed: none. (Not that i have that much more now.) As a result, i can only receive with my phone, not call/send. Lovely. Not that i have that much luck with my cell. I don’t even want to remember the dreadful days when they told me that computer data is not included in the unlimited data plan and thus i made myself a debt of six digits… Anyway.

Now when i was leaving the post office with a lighter pocket, there came a woman (girl) who brought along a touch of peachy aroma in the air. That moment something moved in me my stomach and i decided that i’ve to get some peaches. So i did. Probably will end up in a milkshake.