Before going to sleep last night i did the first episode of Nyanpire, and i guess it had some influence on my dreams. At least the very last one i still vaguely remember. Mostly just impressions remain, but i know one thing for sure: it was hell of a cool dream.

I was in a huge, huge jungle with my group or tribe. I get the feeling that we were once ambushed by vampires, but i can’t actually remember that part, and because of that we were all humanoid nyanpires (sic). We were wandering around the forest and encountered other tribes. There was an ice tribe (yeah, in the middle of the jungle), there was a tribe who used plants i think, and there was one more, but i really can’t remember that. And there was some common enemy that we, my tribe were running from, but the other tribes decided to stand against them – and against us as well, in cases.

Before waking up the last scene was me standing on the side of a small lake or river, with a village on my left, looking at the very high waterfall in front of me, because the enemy was coming from that direction, and it felt as if they were catching up.

It was really a cool dream. We should totally have devices to record dreams. This would make an amazing Hollywood movie.