For some mysterious reason i couldn’t sleep tonight. At all. I was rolling around in my bed for two hours or more, and i could still feel that my breath and heartbeat was as fast as if i was at least running a marathon or something. I haven’t drunk a coffee that could keep me up for so long either. Maybe it was that i slept three hours in the evening?

Sure, there was a huge storm going on outside, the likes of which i haven’t seen since that typhoon last year in Okinawa (actually it seems that one of the first typhoons this season is touching Japan now, and that causes this lovely weather), but usually when there’s a storm going on outside i can sleep even better than in clear weather. Actually for a while in high school, i was sleeping with a thunderstorm soundscape playing.

But not tonight. Suddenly i even got hungry so i gave up, woke up, had my cornflakes breakfast roughly five hours earlier than usual (i usually wake up after ten am, today it was six), edited a translation and will check two more, then i’ll start with today’s studying. Yesterday i managed to finish most of the microeconomy notes, so i’ll only have to do the problems once i get them, until then i can get started with macro.