That’s what humankind has been doing for quite a while. Humans have always been trying to help the weaker groups survive as well. Farming technology has advanced so much that a field that could maybe suffice for a family a thousand years ago could now maintain a whole village, or even more. With same or less work invested we’re getting better results. That’s all nice and fine, but the technological advance will never really be able to catch up to the growth of the weak groups. It can be seen in statistics that the birth rate in advanced societies is much lower than in developing ones. This can probably be traced back to that in developing societies the urge to multiply is still present, since children often die young. But thanks to advanced medical technologies more and more children survive to adulthood, while the productivity of the land they live on doesn’t grow so quickly. I’m not saying weak people should be abandoned and let the top only survive in a nice darwinian way, but that i’m not confident that with humankind growing fast in billions, a significant percentage of who are utterly unproductive, the productive groups will be able to maintain any kind of development at all–or in worst case, survive. It’s not so hard to imagine a scary scenario where the deadweight of useless people will pull down humanity as a whole into extinction.