So, we had this family plan for a while to go visit the relatives in America and stuff, and yesterday i looked into plane tickets, and found a quite charming choice. It’s not cheap, oh hell not, 130k yen (which is more than a month’s income for me), but if i could buy it i could spend two weeks in New York with my family than another eight days in California having youthful fun.

All that remains just a dream. I submitted the reservation online, which returned with an error saying that my credit card can’t pay for this transaction. I guess it’s because i was foolish enough not to change the default 100k limit to the 300k when i applied for the card. Anyway, i hoped i could do a revolving payment (or however it’s called in english) and pay the sum in two or three parts, so i opted to pay not online but at a local store that offers such services. But of course when i tried it turned out this kind of payment requires cash. Which is out of the question.

So i guess unless someone lets me use their credit card for this purpose i’m not going anywhere.