Since the exams got near (and started), i’ve been drinking a lot more coffee than usual. Which means that the 250g pack that’d usually last two weeks or more now runs out in five days. All of it was out of Starbucks’ limited edition Gazebo.

Considering the insane heat, i never drink it hot, just brew the whole load (roughly 2.5 litres) from half the pack in the evening, so that i can have a not-warm (i won’t say cold though) coffee in the morning.

The thing is, there is a reason that yesterday i bought the third pack of it in two weeks. Just as there’s an iced coffee blend which is balanced to be made into iced coffee, this Gazebo blend was called Summer blend in other lands in other times.

When i bought the first pack, the cashier girl seemed to have some idea of how to interact with customers (unlike most part-timers), and told me some details about the coffee (with a wide smile). Fruity, mostly blackcurrants. Sure you can say it has the citrus touch that the label claims to be so characteristic, but i think the slightly sour yet sweet flavor similar to blackcurrant and other berries is more obvious.

I think i’ll be drinking this blend till the end of the summer, because except the ice coffee blend, the other roasts are better hot.