Just now i had a short walk on the lakeside to get some ice-cream. The other day i bought myself one after training, and munching it down after dinner woke me up many times more than drinking any amount of coffee. So i guessed that my sugar intake is insufficient and that’s why my mind’s so numb so often. I hoped to get a wake-up jolt from this ice-cream too, but now i only feel plain sleepy.

At least i really enjoyed the walk. It’s fun to walk the empty streets and the lakeside, with music booming from my headphones at close-to-maximum volume…

The sky is really interesting though. It’s cloudy like on a summer day, you know, mackerel sky or however you say that in english, so between the clouds you can see the stars here and there, and the air is generally clean, so the towns on the other side of the lake are visible too. However, the clouds are flashing. It’s lightning, but you can’t hear the thunder, and it’s not raining either.

Also, the spiderwebs are damn annoying. One side of the walk is a rail (so that no one will fall in the lake, as that’s abunai), on the other are trees, and spiders love to spin their webs between. So if you walk there, you’re sure to get one in your face at least every ten steps or so.

Anyway, i was about to say that it’s fun to walk the empty streets almost jumping to the rhythm without anyone throwing weird looks at me.