I’m moving hosts. My site valerauko.net has been hosted at 27hosting.com pretty much from the beginning (if i remember correctly there was a few months’ time when i was still at a hungarian host), during which once they erased all my data and presented me with almost half a year of downtime (as apparent from the gap in the blog archives), and to top it off recently there has been quite a lot of downtime. I wouldn’t even mind if it was like five minutes or so every time, but often it lasts for hours and when i inquire about what’s going on, i maybe get an answer like “oh sorry we just had some problems restarting the MySQL server” or no answer at all. When last time the site was down for hours and i got no response, that was the last drop and i bought a hosting service at another shared host (iWeb). I know, i know, i should have bought VPS or something, but that’s more trouble than gain, as iPhantom and i experienced back last winter. I hope it’ll be all right now. The transition should go quite smooth too, i hope you won’t see any downtime.