Going to the gym and running every day (or going for a fifty-k bike trip) is tiring. Playing StarCraft 2 in 1v1 on Battle.net for hours is fun, even if out of a dozen games i could only win like three. Translating stuff is fun, just when you have like 15 episodes to catch up to urgently, it gets significantly harder to get started with it.

Going to the movies with a friend to watch Harry Potter 7/2 is fun, so is annoying the hell out of the few japanese who came to watch the subtitled english version with our constant laughing and sarcastic comments. Hey, we’re in the Chamber of Secrets. Ron, i’m so wet. Insert lamest kiss scene of the year here. And though they put in the “crappy fanart” grade “19 years later” part in the movie, they left out the only appreciable dialog from it (our Teddy Lupin?!), bleh.

It just struck me that it’s already september, which means it’s already been a year since i visited Okinawa and China, and honestly i feel like i’ve done nothing in this one year. Then i realize that i had the toughest exams in my life so far and also (on the side note) translated like… I don’t know, a lot of anime. Really a lot. (I haven’t counted it yet, but it’s at least 100 episodes just to english.) And i read some books, not as much as i’d have liked, but still plenty, and some in japanese. And i’ve (more or less) learnt how to play the bass.

Also, i started creating a world.