I decided to put the one-shots and movies separetely… Though it’s only one one-shot and one movie i’d like to write about.

Just yesterday i translated Kyosogiga. It was… Well, it was quite unexpected. Reading the description on the charts i was expecting something like Yozakura Quartet (an anime i loved), but instead i got an anime scarily similar to FLCL (an anime i loved). The word puns are way tougher than anything even in Bakemonogatari. It was awesome, even if i’ve to admit that my translation is probably quite far from perfect. (Also, i’d like to shout out a big “fuck you” to the japanese people who scanned the hand-outs from the screening with the ED lyrics and uploaded only a thumbnail of it. I lack the required perk to catch any of that engrish crap.) If it was a series and not just a one-shot, it’d be on the top.

The other one is the movie Mardock Scramble. I haven’t actually translated it, just checked the translation, but that amazing cyberpunk sci-fi world was just… too great. I really can’t wait to watch the second movie in the series, and if it’s going to be just as awesome as the first one, chances are i couldn’t stop watching it on loop (just like i couldn’t stop watching for example the 2009 Star Trek movie). If you haven’t seen it yet, you must.