So many people online-around me went on and on about how awesome and great and so on the british series called Misfits is, i gave in to the temptation and checked it. Must say it really is.

It’s a series about superpowers, but at the same time it stays real. People won’t become heroes just because they have special abilities–or maybe they do. But not the way you’d think after reading so many superhero comics.

The greatest thing about it are the character designs. All the characters are real human beings, not just idealized projections of how the writers imagine superheroes. They have their own problems (hell, they are on probation), they are definitely not perfect and they definitely don’t give a fuck. And i simply love Kelly’s accent, it’s so natural and thick and every time i hear her say something it can make me laugh. I wish i could talk like that.

Great series. You want to watch it.