Although i started a series of blogposts about the anime i was working on (back then) and the classes i took this semester, i continued neither. I haven’t even updated my fansub listing page where i was supposed to keep track of my translations. At least i know the reason for the latter. It’s not that i don’t care, it’s just that i’d have to download every release i translated to make a screenshot from it (i don’t really keep workraws and streamed videos are troublesome to take screenshots from), and especially now that i have a backlog of about four-five complete series to post there, i really can’t bother to download everything just for the sake of screenshots. So if someone would be so kind as to give me (preferably funny) screenshots from every episode (one from an episode is enough) of Ben-to, Phi Brain and Guilty Crown, from the first six or so episodes of Shana Final and Digimon Xros Hunters, and also my current projects (Poyopoyo, Symphogear, Ano Natsu, Nisemonogatari), i’d be really grateful. (I’d say thanks. And I’d mean it.) As for the blogposts, i was just lazy to write about stuff. Maybe i’ll write about them later. Or now.