For all the eager and starved guys out there, no girl pics are waiting here. Just a rant about how i hate my body. For all the people who almost got scared away by the disgusting emo tone in the previous sentence, i’m not going to write about how i want to cut my wrists because my hair is oily or because i got a spot on my chin or other perceived faults, as i’m not 13, and even if i were, i’m not a stupid whiny bitch. I’m just pissed off by the biology of my body every now and then.

Sometimes it does things that i can’t make any sense of. You know that after a certain age you just know how much your next moon’s blood will be, sleep you need, how much you can drink, and in general how much your body can take. And then my body sometimes just decides that it will ignore my statistics and assumptions about it and do something totally unexpected. The best of it is that that usually happens at the worst possible time. For example today this lump of cells housing/generating/manifesting my soul and conscience (underline appropriate according to your beliefs) decided that attending a class and the orientation about next term’s seminar isn’t important, and ignored the wake-up alarm (twice). This is not the first time i oversleep without any particular reason at an important time, and it really pisses me off. (Really.) (Really.)

And if you add that to the obscene idiocy that evolution displayed when human teeth evolved and other minor annoyances, i think you understand when i say i want technology to evolve so far so that i could replace parts of my body. Without looking different.