Month: March 2012

Make me laugh

You know not blogging for months would be funny if I didn’t have anything to write about. But I do. I just simply can’t find the time to sit down and write blogposts about movies I watched, places I went, stuff I did…

It takes too much determination and I could use that determination for more creative purposes. And when I’m done with those, I’m back to the point where my brain is so numb i’d rather not write anything with the purpose of publishing it. Tough luck. Maybe when school starts this will change. Or get worse.


Azért zavar, hogy fölkelek valamikor, aztán délután ötig semmit nem csinálok, mert persze miért is csinálnék, végül is nem arra van a nap, aztán elmegyek kondiba, hazaérek hullafáradtan, eszek valamit, és akkor akarok mindennek nekilátni. Aztán csodálkozok, hogy semmivel nem haladok.

SEX冠 in 京都MUSE




No, i’m not an encoder. And it’s apparent. Not to mention i’m using linux, so it’s not even as simple as grabbing a random Free MPEG-2 To H264 (30 days trial) (not malware) (confirmed download) and hope it works.

Problem is that when i record Phi Brain, sometimes there’s this weird show before it, and i end up recording a few minutes of that as well because of the safety margin. However, that show is aired in 4:3 instead of 16:9 and i think even the audio encoding might be different, not to mention the switch messes up all the headers possible, so no players are willing to open it (the only one that could open it was actually WMP and honestly, i’d prefer not having to reboot to Windows or using a virtual machine).


Okay, I think that was a record. A whole of 5 posts in a month? I’ve never been so lazy before. Or cared so little, actually. There’s not much going on in my life anyway, except for translating lots of anime, going to the gym and running every day, and playing my guitar and bass.

Actually i learned a song, the opening song for Thermae Romae by Chatmonchy on guitar, but i need to practice it some more before i would dare to record a video and upload it. I’ve been also practicing RHCP songs (Dani California, Factory of Faith, Emit Remmus, Snow), because I really want to get on stage with it next semester.