Okay, I think that was a record. A whole of 5 posts in a month? I’ve never been so lazy before. Or cared so little, actually. There’s not much going on in my life anyway, except for translating lots of anime, going to the gym and running every day, and playing my guitar and bass.

Actually i learned a song, the opening song for Thermae Romae by Chatmonchy on guitar, but i need to practice it some more before i would dare to record a video and upload it. I’ve been also practicing RHCP songs (Dani California, Factory of Faith, Emit Remmus, Snow), because I really want to get on stage with it next semester.

As for the school crap. Exams ended without any major trouble – well except you count hardly sleeping for five days trouble. I think i passed most of them, though i’m afraid that i’ve failed one or two. And that’s pretty much it. Every now and then i hang out with some friends, get wasted and pass out on my bed as soon as i get home.

Every now and then i play mahjongg with some people from the club. Yeah, actually i’ve been learning mahjongg and hanafuda for a while now. Both are fun, and if played against humans and not just computers, they’re even more fun.

Also, i’m writing on an anime blog about my translations. Check it out.