I was a bit surprised the other day when i went to the local Starbucks and saw that they have a new special coffee out-it’s been i-don’t-even-know-how-long since they last had one. The Brazil roast or blend or whatever you want to call it is supposedly a mild blend, so i didn’t really have high expectations for it.

I prefer dark, full bodied roasts. Brazil is definitely not one of those, but it smells sweet, almost like honey, and freshly brewed it doesn’t even feel all too mild. Of course it’s not a stinging harsh thing like the French roast, but there’s a however quickly fading touch that i consider the real face of every coffee, that moment when you can feel its aroma all at once.

But its taste is as “soft and mellow” as it gets while actually tasting like a coffee. Officially it’s supposed to have a taste reminiscent of nuts and cocoa, and while i agree about the nutty part, it doesn’t remind me all that much of cocoa, rather of a certain french orange liquor called Cointreau.

Although i’m a bit afraid that its taste will get too shallow and watery when the jugful i made now will cool, but at the moment i have nothing to complain about.