After the Ubuntu distro update to Pangolin of course more stuff broke at first than were fixed, Aegisub being one of them. I had 2.1.9 before, but since the svn trunk is already the 3.0, i rather grabbed that than the older version (r6737). Installing, I was (of course) again faced by the annoying wxWidgets errors during configure.

For 2.1.9 I just worked around it somehow, but this time something snapped and i just got wxGTK 2.9.3. If only it was that simple… I had lots of problems with both wxGTK and Aegisub, but after a day or so I managed to get it working with help from an Aegisub dev.

For wxGTK: ./configure -with-opengl -enable-debug -enable-debug_gdb -enable-debug_cntxt -enable-stc, then after the install also run ldconfig. Then for Aegisub: ./configure -enable-debug.

I had to use the debug options, because we were debugging it, but i think it should work without them.