For quite a while Chromium has been randomly crashing when i tried playing YouTube videos. To be more exact, those tabs with YT videos open crash (not just the plugin, nor the whole browser). Sometimes it doesn’t crash, sometimes it does.

I managed to narrow it down to that it mostly happens if i have more than one YT tabs open. True, sometimes it crashes with only one open as well, but a reload usually solves that. Also it often crashes tabs when i try to play embedded videos.

So far the only “solution” i could find was having only one YT video loaded at a time (videos that haven’t started buffering (most embedded ones) don’t count), and always play them on a separate YT tab. Some videos keep crashing even then, and I can’t think of any reason why one video would crash and others not.

I don’t know what causes it, because it happens even if i enable HTML5 on YT and disable the Flash plugin, but it’s sure annoying as fuck.