I wish I could finally find a normal internet provider. I’m having terrible luck… Back when I lived in the dorm, the line would randomly disconnect, sometimes even for days.

Then once I called them about this matter and it turned out that in some cases the reason was excess traffic. So they’d disconnect me without notice or warning on the basis that I used too much bandwidth on a service advertised as unmetered and which doesn’t even offer a way to check how much data I actually transferred.

And then when I moved to my apartment I got another provider, who took a whole month to set it up, but hell that’s apparently normal in Japan. Just yesterday I got a mail from them notifying me that I repeatedly exceeded my bandwidth limit (was there such a thing?) unless I apologized and promised I’ll decrease my traffic (in writing) they’re going to cancel the contract without further warning.

Apparently they spammed about 200 email about various matters on the email address they set up for me even though I clearly stated I can be contacted on my GMail address (I never use addresses I got from ISPs or schools). But you know, I wouldn’t even complain about that, if their service was flawless.

But it’s not. I could never really max out my connection, not even locally. Also I can’t use 2ch. As a fansubber I every now and then need to check out stuff there, and while I can look, i can’t post: my ISP is banned, because their shitty rotating dynamic IP system that apparently all Japan uses to shitpost to 2ch and download child porn through Tor.

Also, it’s PPP, which was a pain in the ass to set up on both Ubuntu and Windows (surprisingly it was easier on the former), and if I have to reset my computer for some reason, i have to keep rebooting for like 20 minutes trying to reconnect to the net, because the modem just refuses to drop the previous connection.

Oh, they just started offering IPv6. For an extra fee that’s more than my whole subscription fee. Why can’t I just once find a provider who can actually provide a steady and fast internet connection and won’t want to disconnect and sue me if once in a year I make 30 gigs of traffic a day?