I’m really looking forward to an age when shutting down the computer wouldn’t require me to close everything and then reopen them at boot time. Or more like, an age where the concept of “booting” itself gets outdated.

With a dozen programs and a lot more windows open on six desktops, I really don’t feel like reopening and repositioning them again when I boot up next time. (This is the main reason why I haven’t shut down for days now.)

Just now I was going to insert a screenshot here of those six desktops, but with the current blog engine that would require manually uploading the image to the server, and that’s more of an effort than I’m willing to take.

I’ve had a new code in the making for years, but it’s simply too much work, and I’m nowhere near as enthusiastic about this whole blogging business as I was years ago, so I’m less than motivated to spend days coding and coding stuff readily available in for example WP. (I’ve looked at the WP code and I can understand why people sneer at it, but it works, as shown by NRR for example.)

On the other hand, I really like the design I have in the making now, and coding is lots of fun when I’m in the mood. Then the mood is gone, and I don’t touch the code for half a year. Such is life.