I’ve read a few tweets just now that made me think. America’s war on terror? Don’t make me laugh. English is supposed to be the USA’s official language, right? Then how can you mess up such an elementary preposition?

It’s not a war on terror, it’s a war of terror.

I know it’s just me, but to be honest, I’ve never been afraid that evil Arab terrorists will hijack the plane I’m on and make it crash into… I don’t even know, the Eiffel tower or the castle of Buda?

On the other hand, having to take off my shoes during security checks and other stuff like that make me feel like I’m always a terrorist suspect who’s expected to blow a nice hole into the Oval Office’s wall the moment he gets a chance.

Freeing the poor victims of tribal terror’s oppression? No, you’re just putting your own puppets there to oppress them. The Arab Spring showed it quite clearly that if a nation has matured so that it desires democracy, then it can overthrow a dictator without the help of American guns. (Though not necessarily without the media.)

Treating the whole of Earth’s population (including your own country’s war veterans) as terrorist suspects doesn’t kill off fear, it spreads it. Just saying.